Evaluation of the Novaerus Technology in a Pulmonology Department




Uzsoki Hospital; Budapest, Hungary


Full Report


To test the efficiency of air dis-infection of the Novaerus devices on bacteria.


19 NV800 devices and 4 NV200 devices were installed in the Pulmonology Department, covering 30 beds in 7 wards and connected high/medium risk areas.

8 NV800 devices were installed in the Traumatology, Septic Department, covering 12 beds in 4 wards and connected high risk areas.

T0 background contamination samples were taken before installation of the Novaerus devices. T4 efficiency test samples were taking after 2 months operation of the Novaerus devices.

Summary of Results

Testing reflected an 82% drop in CFU rates and a 93% reduction in fungi count. The air quality now meets the Swiss Class III standard (500 CFU/m3 for general wards).