Naaman’s Creek Case Study


RB Health Partners, Inc.


Naaman’s Creek Country Manor (NCCM)


Full Report


NCCM implemented the NV200, NV400 and NV900 units in selected areas.

This study compares the total number of nosocomial respiratory infections and nosocomial C. difficile infections before and after implementation of the Novaerus technology.

A 28-month review was conducted to evaluate the results of implementation.


A Nurse Risk Manager Consultant visited the facility for two days to abstract information and review the data.

The periods selected for pre- and post-Novaerus review were April 2013 through February 2014 and April 2014 through February 2015. Comparison of like periods reduces the risk of skewed data related to seasonal variances.

Summary of Results

In the period after implementation of the NV200, NV400, and NV900 units in selected areas, the total number of nosocomial respiratory infections at NCCM decreased from 83 to 39, a 53.01% reduction.

The total number of nosocomial C. difficile infections decreased from 42 to 6, an 85.71% reduction.