How a new reproductive medicine centre safely maintained essential care services
with the help of air dis-infection technology

Masfiv Reproductive
Medicine Centre, Spain


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When Masfiv, a newly built medical centre specializing in reproductive medicine and gynaecological health in Donostia, Spain, opened its doors to the public in January 2020, little did they know they would soon be faced with a global health emergency. The new assisted reproduction centre was purpose-built from scratch to become a 500 m , state-of-the-art establishment. The “facility of dreams” was equipped with laboratories, an operating room, and the most innovative medical technology solutions.

However, as COVID-19 rapidly spread across the globe, healthcare facilities around the world had to adapt and prepare for a pandemic. Stringent infection prevention protocols were implemented and reinforced, and non-essential procedures were temporarily postponed to control the spread of the virus.

For Masfiv, this meant maintaining minimal essential reproductive care services while containing the spread of coronavirus. In line with public health guidelines, Masfiv established a range of COVID-19 protocols. One of these protocols; 24/7 air dis-infection technology by Novaerus.