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Wassan Dental Speciality Centre


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Dental environments are frequently exposed to high levels of contaminated indoor air. The aerosols and splatter generated during routine dental procedures are known to carry significant levels of microbial contaminants and blood. In addition, dental clinics use various chemical compounds every day, such as cement, antiseptics, analgesics and acrylic. Together, these pollutants can build up over time, resulting in heavily contaminated indoor air and carrying an increased risk of infection for staff and patients. Furthermore, dental professionals are at risk for infections transmitted from patients who may be carriers of viruses.


Wassan Dental Speciality Centre, located in a mixed-use building in Muscat, Oman, is a busy dental clinic consisting of nine treatment rooms and an in-house digital laboratory. Like most dental clinics, Wassan Dental was concerned about high levels of VOCs, particulate, and pathogens in the indoor air as a consequence of routine dental procedures and materials. To create a healthy, pleasant indoor environment for their patients and staff, Wassan Dental started looking for a solution to reduce contaminants in the air, in addition to resolving unpleasant odours originating both from within the clinic and the surrounding businesses.


Wassan Dental was introduced to Novaerus by a local distributor. After learning about the safety and efficacy of low-energy plasma technology, and that Novaerus products are manufactured in Ireland using medical-grade materials, they decided to try the technology and mounted four Novaerus Protect 800 units in key locations throughout the practice. Novaerus plasma technology is used in thousands of healthcare facilities around the world and has been shown in dozens of independent studies to remove pathogens, VOCs, odours, and other pollutants from indoor air.

Two weeks after installation, Wassan Dental staff observed a noticeable reduction in odour and patients noted a fresh quality to the air inside the clinic. As well as the fresher, cleaner smelling air, staff were reassured to know that Novaerus was operating continuously in the background to eliminate infectious pathogens and allergens from the air, protecting the health of everyone in the clinic.

Wassan Dental plans to continue the use of Novaerus products and will recommend them enthusiastically to other healthcare facilities.